10 Best Number Fonts to Use Creative and Original Numbers
10 Best Number Fonts to Use Creative and Original Numbers

10 Best Number Fonts to Use Creative and Original Numbers

I know that talking about typography although it is not something new, we love it. We always look for excuses to share both Google Font combinations and creative and original typefaces to use for logos, prints, posters…. But today, while continuing to talk about fonts, we are going to focus on some characters that are included within these: the numbers. Best Number Fonts

We know that there are several factors to take into account when choosing our typography, for example, if it can be written in upper and lower cases if it has accents…. And it is also very important to know if you have the numbers and their character.

You may think that it is very specific, the choice is typography in the style of numbers, but think that we will have to take into account the type of project and if they have a fundamental part. If these are the axis, it is very important that the aesthetics of the numbers correspond to what we are looking for. We cannot leave it to chance and make our choice by typography, but we must first define what we are looking for from the numbers and then choose the typography.

Sometimes, we leave them somewhat forgotten and we are content with those that the chosen typeface brings, but my advice is that if they are a fundamental part of the project, we also dedicate their part of the time to choosing them. In addition, we can make some combinations between typography for texts and numbers that can give an original and creative character to our project.

Today we propose 10 perfect fonts for numbers. Some are free and others are paid, because you know, depending on the project we will need more or less exclusivity. We have also included different styles so that no project is left without its perfect typographic combination.

For lovers of handmade style:

1. Deadhead Script- one of Best Number Fonts

As you can see in this list we play with the thicknesses and strokes and in this case, the style is as if it were a pen with greater thickness and more defined curves.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\1.png

You can find them in the link for about $ 20, but it is a typeface that usually comes in packs.

2. Dear Prudence

In this case, we are dealing with a typeface with a stroke very similar to that of a writing hand. I like its irregularity but at the same time if harmony. We have used it in some calendar for its original and creative character and it is perfect if we want to make a list for example.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\2.png

3. Have a Great Day

These typefaces, a stroke that a marker pen leaves, are very versatile due to their incomplete style, which can give a lot of play if we play with the backgrounds. At the link, you can download a free demo version, free for personal use.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\3.png

4. Story

It is perhaps the simplest typeface of this group. Her strokes are perfect and remind us of when we started learning to write as children. Its price is quite correct (about $ 6) and we can get a lot out of it.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\4.png

5. Amatic SC

The Google Font on this list (although for that reason the most exploited). For some years this type of fonts has been a trend and this being free, we are finding it in different elements. However, I wanted to put it on the list because of its original character and because if we were left with only the numbers … they are not so used.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\5.png

A Serif with a lot of styles

6. Abril Fatface

We could talk about the infinity of serifs with original numbers, but since I have decided to give more importance to more “creative” typefaces, in this list we are left with one. We have already shared it on other occasions, but it is that its thickness and style make it absolutely perfect to include numbers in a project in which these are the main axis.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\6.png

It is a Google Font so its download is free.

Let’s talk about Sans Serif …

7. Montserrat

Just like in the case of serifs, I could add a few more sans serifs to this list, but I keep these two for their strength. In this case, Montserrat is well known to all (you can see it in our WordPress templates Paulie or Rosalie) And just as it is perfect for titles it is also perfect for using numbers.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\7.png

As you already know it is a Google Font and therefore free to download.

8. Catamaran

As we already saw inside the article on typographic combinations, this typography because of its different thicknesses offers us a variety of play. We can combine these giving greater hierarchy to a sure detail.

Like the previous one, it is Google Font and therefore we can download it for free.

Two very original free fonts

9. Pacific

It is true that it may be a Google Font typeface that is being widely used, but I find it very appropriate to use it in small design elements, such as numbers.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\9.png

10. Monitor

To finish this list and not being less important, we find this typeface that accompanies us in our WordPress Music Hall template, and that gives off creativity and positivity.

Description: C:\Users\user\Desktop\number\10.png

It is a Google font so we can download it free of charge. It may be the original point to our print or poster. I hope you like them, and you know, if your project is about numbers, start with a good choice of these

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