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do you want to start 100% Free WordPress Blog?WordPress is open-source software. Open-source software offers the freedom to use, modify, develop, and redistribute the software the way you want without paying any commission. This is a self-hosted solution which means you need to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider. If you want to have complete control over the future of your blog, then WordPress is a great option.

There is a core of developers who guide the development of the project, but anyone can contribute with patches, fix bugs, create functions, suggest functions, etc. The two main benefits of any open-source software are products and services based on the same open-source software. WordPress is not copyright free. It is licensed for use by everyone, but any contributions made to the software are copyrighted.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free individual publishing platform and it is easy to use. It comes with a wide range of features designed to present your experience as a pleasant editor as much as possible. With WordPress you can easily edit and edit publications, select articles by categories, search for your content, and Change the theme of your website, and more.

How to choose the best website for blogging platforms?

All of these popular blogging platforms have advantages and disadvantages, especially if you consider your skills as a blogger and programmer. You also need to think about what type of blog you want to create now and in the future. Here’s how to put one together for your website and blog. To do this, you have to use software like Wix or run it yourself via WordPress. For starters, you need an easy to set up a blogging platform, a small learning curve and no programming skills required. You may want to change your website’s presence and add more features to your growing audience as your blog grows. This means that you choose a flexible blog platform to grow.

The following are the ten popular blogging platforms to choose the best website.

  • WordPress.org
  • Constant Contact Website Builder
  • Gator
  • WordPress.com
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Ghost

Free WordPress Blog -Start Now

How do I get free WordPress domain and hosting?

If you want to start your own self-hosted WordPress blog but are not yet ready (or able) to dip your toes in the waters of premium web hosting, free services don’t match the performance and flexibility of a paid WordPress host. But set up working will help you to WordPress hosting service site for free. For this reason, we have compiled a list of our best free WordPress hosting service plans for all beginners or hobby bloggers, which may be the solution for starting your first website.


  • Includes premium plans in addition to free services.
  • Choose from a few topics. 
  • Fast and friendly customer support for creating mobile websites. 
  • Mobile and desktop applications are available. 
  • Integrated social sharing with underlying statistics. 
  • SEO friendly.
  •  Friendly with apprentice guides.


  • 99% availability guarantee. 
  • Supports PHP and MySQL without any restrictions. 
  • Large storage space and bandwidth. 
  • One-click installation process.
  •  Built-in Easy Website Builder. 
  • Friendly and responsive customer care.
  •  Instant activation at no cost.

AccuWeb Hosting

  • It is a fast website. 
  • Custom domain name.
  •  High-quality protection with multi-layer DDOS protection. 
  • Additional backup of your website.
  •  Advertising is free. 
  • Supportive and friendly customer care.
  •  SEO optimized plugin. 
  • Google Apps integration.


  • Authentic Cloud SSD Cloud Server.
  •  Complete control over PHP scripts.
  •  General interface website builder. 
  • High efficiency with optimized function.
  •  Flexible web hosting. 
  • One-click software installation for easy access.
  •  Easy upgrades and daily updates. 
  • Easy to use web hosting tool


  • Option to share and select cloud hosting platforms. 
  • One-click installer for easy access. 
  • Contains site management tools. 
  • Progress statistics. 
  • High aircraft security. 
  • An easy change to premium versions. 
  • 24/7 supportive customer care.


  • High speed and reliability. 
  • Free community access. 
  • Full control panel access. 
  • FTP account and a file manager.
  •  Addon domains, parked domains, and subdomains.
  •  HTTP SSL on all free hosting domains.
  •  Friendly and supportive customer care.

Which free WordPress theme is best for blogging?

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about WordPress is that it is open-source, so it can be used for free. All intelligent, resourceful website owners need to create a unique, functional, and attractive website with a registered domain and server, which leads to lower monthly total costs. Great WordPress themes, perfect for blogs, completely free. While most of the themes are of interest to bloggers and content publishers, we’ve included a number of varied and business-oriented topics for those of you who are considering monetizing a blog and making it a full-time career.


OceanWP is an ideal WordPress blogging theme. Also, there is no premium version, so the full feature set is at your fingertips. However, some extensions have an associated cost, but there is no obligation to use them if your budget is small. A packed plugin library means you can improve the functionality of the theme without code. Allows you to edit settings for tablets and mobile devices. It works with the most popular pages (such as Element and Beaver Builder).


Neve is a lightweight starter and great on mobile devices. The structure and code of the theme are optimized for search engines. You will see changes in real-time while editing. In addition, it works with virtually all popular page generators which means your knowledge of the code is not a barrier to creating the perfect website. Additionally, its one-click demo layouts make commissioning easy. It is the best free blog theme for you and if you want to build your blog with your appropriate specifications.


There is a two-column theme that was developed specifically for bloggers. On the start page, you will find a full title. There are accents, logos, and personalized styles to enhance your website’s graphics. Lovecraft theme will set up your blog ineffectively. Its minimalist aesthetics impress with the inclusion of long contributions and beautiful pictures. Because of its simplicity, you hope it will be available in a premium version.


Astra is ideal for creating a simple and customized website. It provides beautiful simplicity for displaying content as well as selling products online. It extends through premium plugins. The theme is AMP compliant, which means it is compatible with factory mobile devices. For the online store, Astra is ready for WooCommerce. Compared to other free WordPress blog themes, the Astra Award-winning site library makes it easy to find the perfect look for your blog.


Poseidon offers a full-screen carousel. The design is clear and simple. Using negative spaces makes it easier to read your content. Poseidon is an almost perfect subject for presenting your content, especially if you also use crisp, fascinating images. It offers a full-screen image carousel that takes up a lot of negative space. This makes Poseidon ideal for blogs with mixed content, as you can use the interior to illuminate your publications and pictures.


WordPress.com, proprietary, and free WordPress.org software. Both versions of WordPress can be used without a percentage. But if you need more advanced features, a custom domain name, and want to access all the WordPress themes and plugins, you need to choose a paid WordPress.com plan or set up WordPress.rx on paid hosting.

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