Do you Know About PayPal referral program?
PayPal referral program

Do you Know About PayPal referral program?

introduction of PayPal referral program

PayPal is a cenotaph among all the internet companies and associations. It just doesn’t only change the way of shopping online but also it fetched the spotlight of all the marketing channels for which many of today’s big internet services scorched off.

So now we are going to discuss about the referral program:-

If you know about the affiliate program then you also know about the referral programs. It is like delegating your audience to a faithful service or any product, which you use normally. If you want to see this theoretically then you will see that you’re pertaining to your audience via any social media platforms like WhatsApp, email, etc. So all this thing happens like an affiliate program because you share your link to the audience for your profit. 

PayPal referral program:-

Like every association and company, PayPal also faced colloquial questionshow we collect more customers?” After thinking that question this company just not switch the way that everyone do the online payments but also the associations start to do allude marketing ( in other words referral marketing).

How to get referral link from your PayPal account?

This is a very facile program to get the link if you have a PayPal account. To excerpt the referral link, conduct the PayPal app if you have not done it till now then easily go to the Google Play Store or Apple store and then search it by typing PayPal and then download it.

  Some steps by which you will get the referral link

  • At first, you have to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • After downloading this, sign in to the PayPal application.
  • Therefore you will see the settings button. (Gear icon) on the top right corner.
  • After opening this you have to click on “ invite and earn money” this option.
  • Thereafter click on the option “ choose contacts” if you want to invite your friends directly.

Otherwise, you can make your own referral link or code by doing some easy task for that you will choose the option “ share an invite” and after that, you have to send an email to yourself. By doing all the process you will get your own referral link or code.

  Some important points that you have to know about the PayPal referral program:-

          For the Indian account holders

  1. The referral link or the referral code of the PayPal app, for the qualifying individuals, will get the amount after 15 days from the offer period.
  2. The discount voucher for the PayPal application is not demisable and the voucher you get will not be combined with any other offers.
  3. The friend whom you referring this if they have already an PayPal account or they signed up by using anything except the unique PayPal referral link both the referee and referrer will not get the reward.
  4. And you must have to care about this thing that at first you have to say your friends or any referees that you will get a commission for doing this task. Disclosing this information is a violation of the terms and conditions and maybe results in PayPal disqualifying you to get any reward regarding this.

For the U.S. accounts holder:-

  1. By using that your car earns a maximum of up to $100.
  2. In the U.S. it’s only allowed to send the referral code to the personal contacts.
  3. Those who use this in the U.S. are not available to post it’s linked publicly where so many people who are not in-person contacts, can watch this link.

This program is applicable to everyone who has an account on PayPal. If anyone wants to earn a reward from PayPal then go ahead and download it and earn up to the maximum level by inviting individuals.

                  You also have to know that whom you referred to this they also get some reward when they sign up into the PayPal account and they have to complete a transaction within 15 days of sign up. It means that you have to check out a payment of some money which will be marked as complete.


Not everyone knows that the success of the Dropbox’s referral program which was in reality invigorated by the referral program of PayPal. So just by giving this opportunity to the individuals the companies and industries spread their services through the world.

Frequently asked questions:-

  1. Is PayPal available for transaction in India?

Ans:- Yes, it is available for the domestic and cross border transaction.

  1. Is PayPal referral code now available in India?

Ans:- yes, it is now available in India. But before some time it was not available but now you can get this offer.

  1. How much money you and your friends will get for referring this app?

Ans:- you and your friend both will get 400 cash each.

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