#1 Guide on How to Start a Blog Successfully in 2020

#1 Guide on How to Start a Blog Successfully in 2020

Do you want to learn about how to start a blog? let’s read this article. and you will know whats is the best way to start it. After reading this article you can start blog with no experience.

this guide on how to start a blog successfully in 2020 will help you lot.

there are some points should be taken in mind. like topics, Domain, hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, etc.

I know that starting a blog can seem scary and hart.but don’t worry about it. this Easy and free guide on how to start a blog will help you. if you know just the basic skills of computer.

after reading this article.you can create blog in less than 1 hour.it needs to follow all the steps given bellow.

before starting steps, you need to know what is a blog, should you start it? why you start it? and what do you need to start it?.

What is a blog?

Actually, a blog is a type of website. which focused on blog posts (written content). we heard and reads about celebrity bog, fashion blog, etc as you can start a blog on any topic. do you want to give knowledge about it?

the most powerful benefit of the blog that it directly connects readers to bloggers. you can setup the comment section at the end of your post. and you can know what readers think about that particular topic. It helps you to trace readers’ and follower’s minds.

blogger becomes famous if his thoughts and information are beneficial for readers and society.so it is a way to become famous. and also earn money by monetization.

Skills required to start a blog.

as i was say you can start blog with no experience.

it’s a miss concept among some people that you need to an expert writer to start a blog. but its not true. with some basic writing skills, you can start a blog. slowly yo ur blog and writing skills will grow up. it will look a professional.

also, you don’t need to be an expert on your topic. like readers of health blog don’t want to read a post from a scientist. they simply want to know about daily routine for a healthy life and so on.

But one requirement needed to be a successful blogger that is: Passion about your topic.

there are many reasons to start a blog. like sharing your knowledge, passive earning or make money online, become famous among community.etc

internet spreading among the community. it makes an opportunity for a blogger to reach more people. and achieve a goal.

so lets start the actual steps though start ablog.(in 5 easy steps)

step #1: Choosing blog topic and Register domain name (according to your passion)

Step #2: Get hosting and customize your blog.

Step #3: Convert your passion into a post (write an article).

Step #4: Share your post or promote it (through social media and through seo etc)

Step #5: Monetize your blog and make passive income.

step #1: Choosing a blog topic and Register domain name:

guideline for the topic to start a blog:

if you are not making sense about topic.here some guidelines to choose a topic to start a blog.

from your work: a topic can be from your work.if you can write what you are doing. then it will be easy to write about your work. and it’s a good idea. people who work in your category will attract to your posts. also, you can better write about your work.

there are some examples. like a teacher can write articles about teaching knowledge. a doctor can write about medical and so on.

product or services: many people make a blog about their own products or services. by which they can get more sales or deals. they present their portfolio and work on their blog. informative article about their product and service and then offer deals.

interest and hobby: your interest and hobby should be your topic.any one can write a great piece of writing in what they are passionate about. hobbies like cooking,travelling,fashion.internet.etc

Life Experience: everyone has lessons in life. so they can write about their mistakes and success. their rules behind their success can be stated through writings.

everyone wants to share their life stories so blogging is the best platform. to put it in front of the world.people may get a lesson from your stories and maybe they like your rules and implement them in their life. it can be a great achievement for you.

personal lifestyle: as we know people get interested in the life of famous personalities like famous actors, doctors, judges, scientists, etc. if you are one of them you can write about your lifestyle so people will read more about your life journey.

and if you not one of them can also write about your lifestyle like a common person will be like a life of a common man.

according to these guidelines choose a domain name. (Brainstorm domain name related to your topic

I think now you have an idea about topic. at that point its time to register domain name

Registering the domain name:

The domain is an important part of your blog. because it makes the first impression of visitors. the better domain affects more on the mind. also, It is the URL of your blog.so it should be cool.

domain should be:

  1. short.
  2. easy to pronounce.
  3. easy to read and type.
  4. easy to remember.
  5. related to your topic or niche. (descriptive).
  6. a .com extension preferred

Extension: there are many extension presents when you register a domain. but .com domain most preferred in the world of internet. but if it not available then .net or .org also consider a good extension.

use Bluehost domain suggestion. can not use space other than the dash. if your wanted domain is already taken then try the following.

using dash: use dash (-) between words. like blog-mastering.com

choose extension:if .com extension not available go for .net .org or for your country extension like for USA .us for India .in for Pakistan .pk etc.

prefix or suffix: ad words before like a,the,my,etc and also can add small word after like tech etc.

Step #2: WebHosting:

Hosting is the backbone of any website or blog etc. before how to choose the best hosting. some introduction is as follows.

what is Webhosting:

Hosting is a service that makes websites or web pages live on the internet. its also called web-hosting.web hosting provides technology and service needed for webpage or website.

actually, they store our content on their computers called servers. and it running 24×7. so the visitor can visit on the website at any time.

Choosing a platform for Website hosting:

some blogger finds the cheapest way to start a blog. they make a mistake and choose the wrong platform for web hosting. thankfully you are reading this. so you will make good decisions about choosing a hosting platform.

actually, the self-hosted platform is best for long time journey. about which we are going to learn. above 60% of users use wordpress.org as a self-hosted platform for website or blog hosting. which makes sense for us.

hens WordPress blogging best.

How to choose the best Webhosting:

There are different types of web hosting. according speed,storage,security.support.downtime etc.and we must choose the best hosting according to the type of website.

some website requires more space. some website requires high speed. some website requires more security. these all points must be taken into consideration while choosing Webhosting service.

the bluehost is best hosting provider.

wordpress recommends bluehost

Some features of Bluehost.

1.Money back guaranty.

2.Free SSL certificate.(you can see a lock icon at the starting in google search bar)

3.Unlimited bandwidth.

4.Free domain.(worth of 12$)

5.Unlimkited ssd disk space.

6.Live chat support.(help you lot while creating website)

Click here to get best deal on hosting.

Click on Green get started button.

bluehost homepage

choose basic plan if want to host only 1 website. otherwise you can go with recommended plan.

bluehost pricing plan

you can register 1 domain for free with this plan. or skip it for doing later.

Bluehost domain setup

Make payment and wow you done it.

Install WordPress:

(how to start a blog WordPress)

In the new version of Bluehost. its already installed WordPress there. it’s for non-technical users. it is a great feature recently launched.

user can directly click on the login WordPress button to get started.

bluehost login wordpress

you can directly login to your WordPress dashboard just type ‘yourdomain.com/wp-admin’ into the address bar of your browser.

Selection of WordPress themes:

WordPress themes how to install:

selection of the theme is a very important step. the theme is visually affecting users or visitors.its your blog’s design.

the theme is not just your blog’s visual appearance but also speed. load time and many more things depend upon blog theme.

hens it must select lightweight, visually appealing, easy to customize. Ocean wp, Astra, neve are best free themes. for paid you can go through genesis or divi. etc but for starting it’s better to choose a free theme.

On the WordPress dashboard click appearance> theme>

click on Add New button to add your desired theme.

WordPress add new theme

If you already purchased a theme or download from other sites you can click the upload theme button. otherwise, for free themes click on search theme.thre are thousands of free themes present in this directory.

here some guidelines for choosing the perfect theme.

1.Description of the theme: when you click on the theme. it showing the short description of function, features. speed .responsiveness etc also there star rating is given. take it into consideration.

click on the ratings and it will show you the reviews of the user read it carefully.

Responsive on mobile or tablet etc: Check that the theme you are choosing is responsive. because the number of mobile internet users greater than the number of computer internet users. and this is why google prefers a mobile-responsive blog.

to check mobile responsiveness you can make screen small and get an idea how it looks your blog.

another method is going to appearance> customize> (and you see left bottom corner mobile icon and you get an idea about responsiveness)

Astra, oceanwp, genratepress. neve are best free themes.

if you are choosing astra theme. click here for full customization tutorial. about how to design your blog.

WordPress add new theme

Installation of WordPress Plugins:

Plugins are tools which add extra feature and functionality for blog customization.there are thousands of free plugins present in the directory of wordpress.org. or you can purchase premium plugins.

some needed plugins are elementor pagebuilder, AMP, W3totalcache, etc

Step #3: Convert Your Passion Into a BlogPost (write an article):

It’s a key step towards a successful blog. whatever you writing it must get in the notice to all over the world. and for that article must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. there are some strategies a blogger must be followed while writing content.

Create strong content will attract readers towards your blog. some point keeps in mind which describes what is good content.

Full of Information: Content must be informative. and for that, you need to research on that specific topic. you can take help from other websites, videos, ebooks, etc

Search intent: when you are choosing a specific keyword. take one thing in mind that what is the user’s search intense. means why a user will search for a particular keyword.

Idle word limit: Install plugin semrush writing assistant and you will know what will be the length of your content. its free plugin with some limitations. if you want all premium features you can subscribe to SEMrush. The premium tool increases the chance to rank your article on Google’s first page.

Keyword research: You must research on the keyword of your topic. SEMrush. will help you a lot in keyword finding. once you find the perfect keyword your half work almost done.

Post Title: Always choose a long keyword as your post title in which the short key on which you were doing research will be include.

Meta description: when anyone searches on google. it shows the result with some short description its called meta description.it will attract a user to click on the link.

linking: there are inbound and outbound links that should be present in your content. the inbound link means the link which takes the user to other content of your blog. and out bond link means link which takes the user to another website or blog.

Image alt text: always use image alt text. if you are using images in your content. image alt text should be matching to your content.

Headings: Use proper heading while formatting text.its indication of good writing.

Permalinks: Remove unnecessary words from permalinks like a, an, the, for, from, etc. permalinks will be well structured.

these all points will really help you to start a blog. and grow it up.

Step #4: Share your post or promote it (through social media and through backlinks etc):

After writing content its time to promote your post.actually you should pay 60% of attention to promoting your post. there are many ways. like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Backlinks, social media, paid campaigns, paid advertisements, etc.

onpageSEO: keyword,content legnth,meta description, permalinks,image alt text, interlinking,are points of onpage seo.which were described before.


1. Backlink: back links are major factor of off page seo.

you can make back links through blog directory website like yellow pages etc.

some websites allows guest post you can build link by guest post on high DA website.

you can build a link through commenting.when you read posts from any website at the last of the post comments section presents there.

backlinks can be build by joining forums of websites like quora.

2.Social media sharing: it is an important part of off-page SEO. you need to share your post to related social media groups or pages. etc you can make paid campaigns to target your audience.

find ways to make your post viral and gain traffic. more traffic more success for start a blog successfully and keep starting a blog.

Step #5: Monetize your blog and make passive income:

If you have some content on your blog. then monetize it for passive income.

How do I monetize my blog?

affiliate marketing: blog can be monetized by including affiliate links. most of the website made their affiliate program to increase sales. need to take benefit from these affiliate programs. choose the affiliate program which is related to your blog’s topic.

ads: Join advertising networks and ad products on your website. once you increase the traffic advertiser will come to you.

Adsense: most of the bloggers use google Adsense programs for monetizing their blogs. but it’s a little bit hard to approve your Google Adsense account. try for it.

How many views do you need to monetize a blog?

How long does it take to monetize blog?

When should I monetize my blog?

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